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Take Responsibility - Act

  • To drink smart® is to take responsibility for your actions.
  • If you choose to drink alcohol, always drink responsibly.
    • Know the health effects.  Some adults should not drink at all.  However, for many healthy adults moderate consumption of alcohol can be compatible with a healthy lifestyle. But alcohol abuse can lead to serious consequences.
  • Alcohol can affect each person differently, depending upon your gender, age, weight or even how much you have had to eat.
  • Know your limits; drinking may affect your concentration, judgment and coordination.
  • There are certain times and activities where drinking alcohol should not be involved; these include:
    • Participating in active sports such as cycling, flying, parachuting, field sports, horse riding, sailing, swimming, and other water sports.
    • Operating machinery
    • Working at height
    • When taking certain medications (your doctor or pharmacist can advise you)
    • When trying to conceive, pregnant or breast-feeding.

Many countries now issue guidelines on daily and weekly intake.

Country Source Web Address
Australia Australia Government Department of Health & Ageing
New Zealand Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand www.alac.org.nz
Spain Ministry of Health www.msc.es/en/ciudadanos/proteccionSalud
UK Home Office/NHS
United States US Department of Health & Human services & Department of Agriculture www.health.gov/dietaryguidelines/dga2005
  US Department of Health & Human Services http://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/Tips/tips.pdf