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“As we bring people together, and create memories and experiences through our premium brands, it is our priority to do so responsibly. This includes by supporting legal-drinking-age adults in getting the facts on how alcohol affects their body and empowering them to make educated decisions when and if they choose to drink alcohol. Ultimately, responsibility starts with each of us.”

Jessica Spence, President - North America Beam Suntory


While most people enjoy alcohol in moderation, harmful drinking is a serious global public health issue. The issue is complex and differs widely from country to country and person to person. All of us—including beverage alcohol companies—have a role as a global community to improve education and awareness of alcohol misuse and abuse.

Through Proof Positive, our global sustainability strategy, we’ve made a long-term commitment to building a more sustainable, equitable future. Under our Consumer Positive pillar, we’re committed to helping legal drinking age adults make informed choices about alcohol and reducing harmful use of alcohol.

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Reducing alcohol misuse will benefit society and our businesses alike. The most effective programs to reduce alcohol misuse are evidence-based and target specific problems.

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Adults may choose to drink alcoholic  beverages or not to drink at all.

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we believe

Alcohol should be appropriately and effectively regulated. Governments, suppliers and other stakeholders need to work together more 
vigorously to reduce the harms associated with unregulated alcohol.

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In the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol and the responsibilities we as suppliers must take in delivering this strategy.


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