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Informed decisions are only possible when we take the responsibility to educate ourselves. Get to know the facts about how alcohol affects you.

About Responsibility

We support the right of legal-purchase age adults to choose to drink alcohol, or to not drink at all. Those choosing to drink have a responsibility to get the facts about how alcohol affects them, and make smart choices when they consume alcohol. This means making a plan when you choose to drink, sticking to it, and exercising care for those around you.

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How alcohol affects you

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Alcohol and health

We believe that alcohol has a legitimate role in society when enjoyed responsibly by legal purchase age adults who choose to drink. When enjoyed in moderation, alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle that includes good diet and exercise. On the other hand, excessive drinking can have harmful effects on your health and is a problem.


Countries vary in guidance on dietary guidelines for moderate alcohol consumption. The following link provides more information:

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Tips to drink smart



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Global: International Alliance on Responsible Drinking

U.S.: Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility

U.K.: DrinkAware for the Facts

Europe: Responsible Drinking

Japan: Industry Wide Council for Alcohol Consumption