Lead at your university

You have the power to make a positive impact and help bring about changes in behavior on your campus. Here are some resources to help you take the lead and promote responsible consumption of alcohol at your university.

Parents leading by example

  1. Know that your job isn’t done when you drop your son or daughter at school
  2. Ask tough questions on the tour, and of schools’ administrators:
    • Is alcohol prevention programming required of students? Is it annual?
    • What are campus alcohol policies, and how are they enforced?
    • Is alcohol-free housing available?
    • Is there a collegiate recovery facility?
    • Is there an adult living in your student’s residence hall full time?
  3. Do your homework, too:
    • Find the university’s Biennial Review and Clery Act report to identify problematic behavior pattern
    • Look at the school’s strategic plan, and goals about student wellbeing and resilience building
    • Make inquiries and watch for reports of alcohol-related injuries or fatalities
    • Talk to students who aren’t paid staff about weekend campus activities
    • Find copies of any government-required reports about alcohol, drugs and crime on campus

Tips for starting a tough conversation with friends

  1. Find a quiet time when you can be alone, when you won’t be interrupted or need to rush anywhere
  2. Stay calm, positive and open to whatever is being said
  3. Underscore that you’re having this conversation because you care and you’re there for support
  4. Consider seeking advice from campus services
  5. Be ready to make a referral, and offer to accompany them to seek professional advice